Hi my name is Tom. I have been in the IT business for over 25 years and have immensely enjoyed working with technology. As have all of you who have been around a while, I have seen computing technology change at a phenomenal rate. It is very exciting to see all the new developments, but at the same time one realizes how much knowledge of computing technology is lost in such a short period of time because of the rapid turn over rate for computing technology. As a student of history, I have read uncounted numbers of books related to history and visited a fair number of historical sights of over the years. This has given me a great appreciation for past achievements I often marvel at the ability to accomplish things in past eras considering their limited resources relative to our day and age. A recurring though I have always had when I am immersed in bygone eras is what a shame those individuals did not do more to preserve more items for future generations.

That is what this website is all about.

As I near a score and a half in my career I desire a change in life. As much as I have enjoyed working in IT, I am ready for something new. I have decided that I want to transition from working directly in IT to preserving its esence for future generations. This includes computing devices from the abacus to the smart phone as well as all releated paraphernalia.  My initial goal is to build a library of knowledge about computing machinery that is shared via the internet. My long term goal is to collect enough computing machinery to open a physical museum in Austin, Texas Please join me in collecting knowledge/artifacts related to computing machinery.  I look forward to hearing from you.